my 3 year old self, and my precious mum

something to tell


This photo has lived and yellowed over the years but it remains so precious to me.

It was my 3rd birthday and I was happy in the park with my Mum. Isn’t she beautiful? She too has a three year old self.

Life was simpler then, I know now. Yet I remain fiercely protective of the three-year old self who lives, still, within my current Self. I want to do her proud but I know not how. But I will try as I always have.

Our many selves, both younger and older, exists now, with us. A long time ago I dreamt of my many younger selves and I had a conversation with each and every one of my many selves, telling them that things move on, and it will be Okay.

Tonight, I long for my older Self to tell me, now, that it will be Okay.

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