Bruges, Belgium

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Bruges is a cheap, half hour train ride from Ghent, or about an hour ride from Brussels. Outside of Brussels, Bruges is the City tourist flock to. Known as the “Venice of the North,” there is no doubt the small town of Bruges is beautiful.  To me, Bruges was more touristy than I would have liked and if I had to pick between the city of Ghent and Bruges, I would pick Ghent hands down. Not only is Ghent less touristy, but in my opinion, it has more to offer and is more beautiful than Bruges.

To anyone who has seen the Colin Farrell movie, “In Bruges” please don’t let this deter you from visiting this city or country. I let it this dark, depressing, horribly negative movie mess with my  image of what the feel of Bruges may be like and it ruined the idea of it for me…

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