Churches in Bruges, Belgium

Jackie’s World Travel: Bruges

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Urlaub in Brügge 22. bis 25. Mai 2008

Burges holds several incredible churches that don’t seem to be as well known as what they should be. This may soon change  with the recent release of the Hollywood blockbuster, “The Monuments Men.” The George Clooney movie  not only sheds light on the Belgian towns of Bruges and Ghent, but the story revolves around the monument men struggling to find the single most important piece of art, the famous Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child sculpture that sits in Bruges Church of Our Lady. 

This piece of art is the only Michelangelo statue to leave Italy in Michelangelo’s lifetime and is today one of the few that can be seen outside Italy. Michelangelo worked on this sculpture in 1504 when he was also working on his famous statue of David.  Unfortunately, when we visited, (Spring, 2014) the church was going through the process of a renovation and was in a sad state of distress…

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