25 kleurenfoto’s van San Francisco in de zomer van 1971

San Franciso was in de jaren zeventig de plek waar het allemaal om draaide. Het stond wereldwijd bekend om zijn hippies en cultuur. Toch had het ook een keerzijde, de stad ging enorm gebukt onder drugs, prostitutie en misdaad. Hieronder vindt je 25 prachtige foto’s van het dagelijkse leven in San Francisco en zijn gemaakt door fotograaf Nick DeWolf in augustus 1971.



Perspectives on Street Photography

The Daily Post

Photographers sharing their perspectives on street photography:

Jon Sanwell, Without An H
Hanoi, Vietnam

Shane Francescut, The Weekly Minute
Ottawa, Canada

Stephanie Dandan, Infinite Satori
Traveling in Southeast Asia

Joshi Daniel, Joshi Daniel Photography

Leanne Cole, Leanne Cole Photography
Melbourne, Australia

Stephen McLeod Blythe, All My Friends Are JPEGs
Glasgow, Scotland

Donncha Ó Caoimh, In Photos
Cork, Ireland

Last year, we published posts that touched on street photography: Russ Taylor shared his creative process on photographing people all over the world, and Dominic Stafford talked about documenting the streets of Southeast Asia.

But what is street photography? Over on Photo Theory, John Meehan writes:

What is striking about attempts to define “street photography” is the striking lack of consensus.

On the Nature of Street Photography

Very simply put, some people view street photography as an art form — a genre of documentary in which a photographer captures real life as…

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Bruges, Belgium

Jackie’s World Travel: Bruges

Jackie's World Travel


Bruges is a cheap, half hour train ride from Ghent, or about an hour ride from Brussels. Outside of Brussels, Bruges is the City tourist flock to. Known as the “Venice of the North,” there is no doubt the small town of Bruges is beautiful.  To me, Bruges was more touristy than I would have liked and if I had to pick between the city of Ghent and Bruges, I would pick Ghent hands down. Not only is Ghent less touristy, but in my opinion, it has more to offer and is more beautiful than Bruges.

To anyone who has seen the Colin Farrell movie, “In Bruges” please don’t let this deter you from visiting this city or country. I let it this dark, depressing, horribly negative movie mess with my  image of what the feel of Bruges may be like and it ruined the idea of it for me…

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Belgian Chocolate

Jackie’s World Travel: Bruges

Jackie's World Travel

photo 3(3)

Yes, I too was surprised as I peered into the window of a charming little story-book chocolate shop in Bruges, Belgium. Belgians sure get creative with their chocolate!

But now that I have your attention, lets talk chocolate!

Belgium equals chocolate and chocolate equals Belgium. Every city in Belgium hosts dozens of chocolate shops  featuring the most lavish, unique and delicious chocolates you can find anywhere in the world. Chocolate was originally introduced to Belgium back in the 17th century when the country was ruled by Spain. Spanish explorers brought back the the unknown cacao seed to Europe after explorations of South America, and soon after chocolate spread across Europe. In the early 20th century, Belgium colonized a part of Africa, the Belgian Congo which enabled them to have access to import large quantities of cocoa to their country thus making their chocolate production a boom. 

The Cocao seed was originally used to make a hot chocolate drink and…

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Churches in Bruges, Belgium

Jackie’s World Travel: Bruges

Jackie's World Travel

Urlaub in Brügge 22. bis 25. Mai 2008

Burges holds several incredible churches that don’t seem to be as well known as what they should be. This may soon change  with the recent release of the Hollywood blockbuster, “The Monuments Men.” The George Clooney movie  not only sheds light on the Belgian towns of Bruges and Ghent, but the story revolves around the monument men struggling to find the single most important piece of art, the famous Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child sculpture that sits in Bruges Church of Our Lady. 

This piece of art is the only Michelangelo statue to leave Italy in Michelangelo’s lifetime and is today one of the few that can be seen outside Italy. Michelangelo worked on this sculpture in 1504 when he was also working on his famous statue of David.  Unfortunately, when we visited, (Spring, 2014) the church was going through the process of a renovation and was in a sad state of distress…

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