Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight


Sonya, a 17-year-old Russian immigrant, lives in a claustrophobic Brooklyn apartment with her dad and his ever-growing menagerie of cats. When the Landlady threatens to kick them out, Sonya is forced to make an unimaginable decision to protect her aging father and herself.

Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight from Eliza Hittman + Scott Cummings on Vimeo.


DIfilm Video Essays


My video essays are a collection of sequences of beginnings,anecdotes and thoughts.Everything should be possible to be included. It are images that move and intrigue me. The fragments replace the entity.

It is a commentary on things and life, the on a distance examination of the delusion of the day.It are storytellers in which the spectator enjoys a large freedom to associate and react intuitively on the video essays.

Watch them on VIMEO: